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About | Politex Научно-производственное предприятие


The Scientific and Production Enterprise POLITEX (SPE POLITEX) was established in 1993 in accordance with the Republic of Uzbekistan’s law "On Companies with limited and additional liability" and in accordance with the existing legislation. SPE POLITEX is an independent organization operating on the basis of full cost accounting, self-support and self- financing.

SPE POLITEX is a diversified enterprise, which is performing the following main activities:

  • Development of project documentation for facilities capital construction for any purpose;
  • Inspection of exploited buildings and structures and those damaged with conclusion issuing on their technical condition;
  • Strengthening and renovation projects;
  • Validation of design documentation made by foreign firms in terms of their conformity with building codes of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Technical supervision, engineering support, technical advice and operational assistance for design and construction work;
  • Development of resource estimates and calculations of initial construction costs in current prices;
  • Engineering survey for construction;
  • Expert work execution in the field of industrial safety in accordance with established requirements;
  • Development of documentation in the sphere of environmental safety;
  • Energy survey and energy expertise.


For the performance of work requiring special authorization, SPE POLITEX has relevant licenses issued by the Cabinet of Ministers and Gosarchitectstroy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. SPE POLITEX has production facilities, equipment (computers, office equipment, communications equipment, etc.) and materials necessary to perform the work associated with their activities. The company engages on a continuous basis experts with the appropriate professional training and many years of experience in their fields. It its activities, the SPE POLITEX is strictly focused on mandatory requirements of the legislation, the relevant national standards, urban planning regulations. A special attention is paid to the quality of products. In SPE POLITEX there is operating the Quality Management System certified by International Certification Body (QMS) to ISO 9001:2008. (Reg. number TIC 15 100 1173 89 dated 28/02/11) and O'zDSt ISO 9001 / 9001:2008 (Reg. № UZ.SMT.04.007.147).


All major projects implemented by our company have positive opinions of independent expertise companies and positive feedback from our customers.

Principles of our work are as follows:

  • Impartialness and professionalism;
  • Transparent pricing;
  • Strict compliance with confidentiality conditions;
  • High level of quality and accountability for results;
  • Focus on long-term cooperation with every client.


We provide quality in all that we do, and this attitude helps our customers achieve success in their activities. As success of our customers - is our success